September 28, 2022

According to the youth chairman for Kasunya community in the Falaba district, Abubakar Kargbo, the community has for the past 25 years not benefited from any development, which has adversely affected the people.

He emphasised that the 800 people that call the community home share one water pump, “which is not even currently in a proper working condition”.

Mr Kargbo said the community does not have a school and their children have no alternative but to walk 17 miles to Dankawalie Town for schooling, which has resulted to a lot of dropouts among school going pupils.

The youth chairman informed reporters that they are also constrained accessing healthcare facilities as most of their pregnant women give birth on their way to Dankawalie Town where the health post is stationed, adding that they have lost a number of women and babies to such a journey.

He noted that several complaints made to attract development closer to their community were fruitless, including to the Member of Parliament whom he alleged has done nothing for them, not even to pay a visit to at least know their problems.

Mr Kargbo is calling on government, philanthropists and NGOs to come to their community to boost them with key developments.