October 1, 2022

A  US report has shown that 53 inmates have died at the country’s main correctional facility on Pa Demba Road in Freetown since 2012 to date.

This new report which was released few weeks ago showed that the inmates died of malaria, respiratory and skin infections, hypertension, sickle cell disease, typhoid among others.

Harsh conditions at the prison, the report noted, was the main cause.

An opposition politician is also seriously sick at the correctional centre although authorities refuse to allow him access to proper medical service outside prison.

According to the 2020 US Human Rights report, there are twenty one prison facilities across the country built to accommodate up to 2, 375, but that number has doubled if not tripled.

The centres hold over 3, 800 with Pa Demba Road prison ranked the highest in over-crowding housing up to 1, 800 inmates.

 The main correctional centre was built to take in around 350 inmates.

Speaking to this press, APC (All People’s Congress) National Youth League (NYL) secretary general, Alie Conteh saw the report as a testimony of gross human rights abuse committed by government.

 “The harsh conditions at the prisons are leading to unnecessary loss of lives of patriotic citizens,” Conteh told this press.

The NYL scribe also noted that the death of the fifty three inmates at the correctional facilities was a result of government’s negligence.

 “Government failed to provide adequate medical services at these facilities,” he alleged.

The present health condition of the leader of Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray was cited as a bright example.

The opposition politician remains in detention on sexual assault despite calls for his release.

Conteh called on government to increase budgetary allocations to correctional the service sector to stem the stream of deaths.

He said the deaths had become a serious concern for local and international rights campaigners.