September 28, 2022

By Musa Paul Feika
Magistrate Hannah Bonnie, at the Magistrate Court No.1, has given five hundred thousand leones fine or ninety days imprisonment to four accused – Foday Bangura, Mabinty Conteh, Dorah Gbakawah and Alhaji Dumbuya. The quartet are alleged to have been loitering at the Libyan Embassy, Wilberforce Village Freetown.
The accused are charged with the offence of loitering, which is contrary to the Public Order Act of 1965.
According to the file sheet, Foday Bangura, Mabinty Conteh, Dorah Gbakawah and Alhaji Dumbuya on the 3rd March 2019, at the Libya Embassy in Wilberforce Village, were found loitering.
Inspector B.E. Taylor, the police prosecutor, said that since the charge was read to them they have pleaded guilty of the offence charged. He stated that he has no criminal record against them.
He furthered that, on the 3rd March 2019, upon receiving a distress call from the Deputy Ambassador, HE Hamza Hpie, at the Congo Cross Police Station, the Operations Officer, Inspector Kanu, and his team went to the scene and arrested the four accused.
He told the court that they were later taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters, where they were further investigated and charged to court.
Lawyer M.Y. Kanu pleaded on behalf of the accused, noting that, inasmuch as all of the accused have pleaded guilty of the offence charged against them without wasting the precious time of the court, the accused are first time offenders. He added that they have never been in conflict with the law.
He stated that all of the accused are responsible Sierra Leoneans. He said, “I was really surprised when I saw a lady charged with the offence of loitering.”
Lawyer Kanu finally pleaded with the Magistrate to discharge the matter, adding that if they were discharged, they will serve as ambassadors to the rest of mankind.
However, the presiding Magistrate fined the accused five hundred thousand leones or an alternative of ninety days imprisonment.