September 28, 2022

By Ralph Sesay
Africell, Sierra Leone’s biggest, leading and innovative GSM network, has hit the mobile industry again with a bang by being the first in West Africa to introduce the E-Sim Technology.
Speaking at a press launch at the CATCO Hotel, west of Freetown, John Conteh, Manager AfriRadio broke the news to journalists and other members of the general public that his company is introducing the E-SIM technology for the first time in West Africa.
He stated that subscribers and non-subscribers would use the new mobile technology if only they have the latest Iphone or Google phones.
Africell subscribers, according to John Conteh, should visit the company’s Corporate Office at Wilberforce or their Marketing Office at Odeon in Freetown to get agents to fix the new system for them.
People who are using Africell for the first time, he stated, would be given the opportunity to choose from five platinum numbers and hence that is done by Africell agents who would migrate their data using the backbone and that they would eventually go simless.
Mr. Conteh says the rationale for rolling out this new technology which he disclosed is now in a number of countries in Europe, is to position Africell to be increasingly able to serve the number of Sierra Leoneans and tourists that are expected to jet into the country in December with their improved Iphones and Goggle phones.
The Service, according to Africell, would largely ensure that subscribers are able to use Africell voice, data and other services without a sim card.
The services, according to John Conteh, would be available especially for Corporate Organizations very soon in the regions.
Africell Sierra Leone has always led the digital revolution in Sierra Leone, being the first to introduce the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of mobile technologies in Sierra Leone.
Many say the introduction of the E-SIM by Africell is undoubtedly not a surprise to many Sierra Leoneans.