October 1, 2022

The National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) awarded the leading mobile operator in Sierra Leone, Africell Mobile Company, for fully complying with the provisions of the NASSIT Act No.5 of July 2001, for the 2019 financial year.

Africell was recognized at a well-attended program organized at Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown.

The company and others were applauded by NASSIT for complying with the National Social Security and Insurance Trust scheme.

The National Social Security and Insurance Trust is a statutory public trust set up by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust Act No. 5 of 2001 to administer Sierra Leone’s National Pension Scheme.

The Trust was established to provide retirement and other benefits to meet the contingency needs for workers and their dependents.

Kobi Walker, Manager NP Sierra Leone, spoke on the robust and aggressive marketing strategy that has given Africell Mobile Company the edge to grow to the top.

He described Africell as the leading telecommunication company in Sierra Leone in terms of subscriber base.

Mr. Walker also lauded the management of Africell for complying with NASSIT, adding that Africell has not only shown good management skills but has also demonstrated that it is a company of high standing in relation to the trust.

He underscored the point that there are other mobile companies and other business institutions operating in Sierra Leone that are not in full compliance with the provisions that are set out in the NASSIT Act No.5 of 2001.

He cautioned institutions that are not in compliance to do so now or else they will have themselves to blame.

Andrew S. Fatoma, Africell’s Human Resource Director in responding to the award on behalf of company, noted that the award was a pleasant surprise to the entire management of Africell.

Africell Telecommunications Company, according to him, has always strived to be in compliance with NASSIT by paying its contributions in full and on time.

“The award is a pleasant surprise,” he said, adding that  they have always endeavored not to be in conflict with  any state institution.

Africell Telecommunications Company, he says, has proven to be the leading Telecommunications Company with outstanding performance in all sectors of the country.

He said that they are not only creating jobs for Sierra Leoneans, but they are ensuring that those they employ are well-taking care of in terms of salaries and other incentives.

He said the award is a testament to the fact that Africell has placed priority on workers’ rights and needs.

He echoed the fact that the Management of Africell Mobile Company has noted that the payment of NASSIT contribution of all staff as a right and that is why they are always in full compliance.

He thanked the Management of NASSIT for recognizing their good efforts in remaining full compliance with the NASSIT scheme towards all staff of Africell and assured the management of NASSIT that they will continue to remain fully committed to paying NASSIT contributions for all their staff.