October 2, 2022

If one uses an adjective to compare things, he is also under the obligation to substantiate his claims.
The All People’s Congress Party (APC) is better than the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) say’s the Chairman of Ataya Base New England Ville in Freetown.
In my little corner sited high and holding on one cup of the hottest drink of ataya yesterday, I witnessed an argument that ensued among few young men who have just off from the day’s long YAGBA and PODA PODA (day’s struggle) profusely hanging on survival of the fittest with just a Le 4,000 a day.. not even enough to keep a stray dog alive for food. They got wild.
It was just as clear as it would normally be when an elderly man could step into arbitrating an argument and with a hammering voice, he would stamp his feet to give right or wrong to the two sides.
“Yes you are right” APC is better than the SLPP when it comes to carrying the burden of their brothers in distress.
With the APC in power every party stalwart becomes the father of the less privileged.
Ministers, Parliamentarians and Councilors come down to the grassroots and support those that have in one way or the other participated in bringing the party to power.
Supporters are unified around their communal opinion leaders and tend to take heed to everything they say or do.
Their mission becomes simpler when they showcase to attract their opponents into joining the party.
The Head of State in their stead becomes the Queen Termite, an untouchable and over-democratic to a fault leaving the PA EN YAI (the blue eye-boys) to do their thing safe.
Power is shared among the people who are constantly rewarded.
Those who show love for the party are publicly recognized and given rewards for their loyalty.
They in turn are expected to bring laurels back or share the rewards with their community so that in every corner of the country one may feel belonged.
This however normally results into surrendering the rule of law to naivety creating serious vacuum for foul play as everybody feels he has power to do anything.
Embezzlement of public funds, flouting regulations and complacency would play in at the detriment of the state.
The policy of WE and THEM would divide the nation because those who feel not to join the fray are left behind.
The SLPP on their part are greedy, selfish and derogatory; as soon as any one of them becomes an appointee into government position, they become difficult, strange, pompous and see every less privileged person as lazy and good for nothing person.
They invest the I DON’ T CARE attitude and indulge in drinking, womanizing and live in abject illusion.
These are the same guys who were fighting for food at Sisy Mbayo’s cookery shop near Pademba Road and the party headquarters or mopping up restaurant floors in Europe and the Americas and have now sat in the throne of power to look down on their compatriots with disdainful eyes. President Bio really has a job at hand for real!
Just attempt to visit one of them or call on his mobile phones, then you will prove me wrong.
Go to their party office and see whether they have any structures that would cater for the needy, complaints, suggestions or intelligence reports.
You ask them, they would tell you that it is a government for Sierra Leone and no SLPP.
Yes, we agreed, but is this not the ticket that you presented to the people that voted you in?
There are some of them who have blatantly declined to even work with their party men in offices.
They despise them as if the offices are their family properties.
Some place their wives in positions in the offices leaving other bread winners to suffer.
Do they know that these are the people who would have to vote them in again?
Nobody is advocating here for the sacking of anybody from his legitimate employment but for God’s sake, leave the ego behind and work with those that deserve it.
In 2007 this was how the Hinga Norman saga caught the SLPP and most of them lost their lives in solitary premises after losing power abruptly.
However, this type of governance breeds uprightness as officials would have no obligation to steal public fuds to give to the PA EN YAI, or the grassroots beggars.
Besides no one party stalwart would feel so powerful in his area that would lead him to amass ill-gotten wealth.
The rule of law could be upheld only that those who did not steal in the previous years would remain behind those who have stolen government money and have gone scot free.
The APC lives in pride and because they feel that Sierra Leone is just Freetown, that notion would let them remain in opposition for a longer time if this mentality persists.
Fetish and being a braggart just kills so many fishes in the waters, because technology has defeated the 99 tactics.
On the other hand, if the SLPP believes that they can manage the country’s economy by ostracizing their compatriots and going it alone, we will see.
Job positions or not man is mortal and so shall he remain.