September 28, 2022

The Managing Director of the National Social Security and Insurance Scheme (NASSIT), Mr. Mohamed Fuad Daboh, has briefed members of the press on the successes of the Trust and its plans for 2019.
The Director General noted that, since he took over the helm of affairs on the 7th June, 2018, he has held several meetings with members of staff across the length and breadth of the country.
The motive of the tours, according to him, was to engage personnel about the operations and benefits payment, which are strong justifications for the existence of the Scheme.
Mr. Daboh disclosed that, since taking over as DG, he has increased the number of inspectors at the Trust. He underscored the point that, they have a very important role to play in the achievement of the overall objective of NASSIT.
“The inspectors are at the heart of the operations of NASSIT. They are the people that interface with the public regarding the registration of employers and employees, the inspection of employment and financial records of employing institutions…” the DG noted.
Among other things, the DG disclosed that, he has also introduced telephone hotlines for customers, which, he noted, are available via both Orange and Africell networks. He added that he reintroduced the pigeon-hole system and the Customer Service week, which runs from 1st to 5th October every year.
According to the DG, the reason for such initiatives was to underscore the point that, the institution is taking a customer friendly focus, where the customer’s esteemed importance is recognized as a cardinal policy of the organization.
Mr. Daboh also disclosed that, as at December, 2018, the Trust had 14,754 registered establishments with a total insured population of 216,049. He continued that from January to December, 2018 a total of Le 431.1 billion was collected by NASSIT as social security contributions. 62% of the said amount was collected between June and December, 2018.
The DG equally briefed the press on recent attempts by the Trust to verify pensioners. This move actually yielded great dividends. Mr. Daboh mentioned that, NASSIT has completed preparations to make the Scheme visible in all newly created regions and districts in the not too distant future. This, according to him, is to ensure that the services of NASSIT are brought to the doorsteps of the people.
Mr. Daboh furthered that the Trust will invest in student hostels through a Chinese based company in the not too distant future. He said the Trust is moving towards penetrating the informal sector, which, he noted, has not been covered up to 2%.
The sector, he noted, contributes the bulk of the country’s workforce. The DG said they will be rolling out an attractive social security scheme that would appropriately address the special needs of workers in the sector.
NASSIT, the DG concluded, also has plans to invest in the construction of ultra-modern diagnostic centers that will help in addressing the current diagnostic facility gap faced by the country, noting that improving the health of a nation’s citizens can directly result in economic growth because, according to him, there will be more people who are able to conduct effective activities in the workforce.