September 28, 2022

By Ragan M. Conteh
The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has certified three strong women and one male candidate for next month’s bye- election in Constituency 110, Western Rural District.
The candidates include Jackson Josephine M. H of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Khadijatu Davies of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Claudius Cole Femi, candidate of Unity Party (UP) and Ibrahim Kabba of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) respectively.
The bye-elections are as a result of the petition court ruling against the main opposition candidate, Khadijatu Davies who won the elections in 2018, but was later petitioned and lost the petition.
The three female candidates are believed to have strong bases and very popular in Constituency 110.
The elections, according to voters, will be between the two main giant political candidates: Hon. Khadijatu Davies of the main opposition APC and Jackson Josephine M. H, of the ruling SLPP.
A supporter of APC, Patrick Jalloh, boasted yesterday that the bye-election in the constituency 110 is just a waste of resources because, according to hin, the voting pattern of that community will not change, adding that it could be worst for the ruling SLPP this time because they perceived the actions taken by the SLPP government as political marginalization.
He said the community is among the stronghold communities for the opposition that will not have any difference in next month’s election.
Roland Serray Swarray disclosed that Hon. Khadijatu Davies has worked relentlessly for the community even before she contested and won the 2018 elections, adding that next month’s elections would be an added advantage for her.
He vowed to support Hon. Davies to win the pending bye-election next month.
Many APC supporters who spoke to this medium have expressed determination to protect their votes and to ensure that the bye-elections will not be like the Tonko Limba bye-elections.
Rugiatu Jabbie, supporter of the ruling SLPP candidate, Jackson Josephine M. H. revealed that recent developments in the community have shown clearly that the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) will win the bye-election because most of the residents and voters are benefitting from the free quality education flagship project.
She said their candidate will not even bother herself because their party believes that Sierra Leone has no political stronghold because people vote based on development which is important for Sierra Leoneans.
Mr. Mohamed Jesy Kallon of Angola Community said Madam Jackson Josephine M. H. of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is a philanthropist poised to salvage the sufferings of the people, and that they believe their candidate deserves to be the most popular and will be victorious in the pending bye-elections.
He said they have done their home work as a ruling party to leave no stone unturned to win that bye-election.
Mr. Ibrahim Kabba, NGC candidate also boasted that he will become victorious while Femi Claudius Cole, candidate of Unity Party (UP) also expressed her determination to clinch the election next month.