October 1, 2022

Funds amounting to Le 85 million have been reportedly missing at the office of the Finance officer at the District Health Management Team office at Devil Hole in the Western Area Rural District Council.
Sources closed to the Finance Officer have disclosed that the money which was in her office to pay staff that participated in the Rubella Marklate Campaign has got missing.
The office was intact with no breakage and all the security deployed at the office were all around providing normal security and that they have not reported any breakage to any of the offices at the DHMT at Devil Hole including that of the Finance Officer.
Mr. Renner, a civil society activist monitoring the Health and Education sectors in the Western Area Rural District Council, stated that the said money got missing two weeks ago at the Finance Officer’s office and that the District Medical Officer for the Western Area Rural District Council did not report the matter to the Police as protocols demands when public money gets missing in such circumstances.
The civil society activist reported in the most listened Good Governance Program ‘Octopus ‘ that the District Medical Officer WARD-C in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance has got the Finance Officer to refund the money and that all the workers that participated in Rubella Campaign have all been paid.
Efforts to get the authorities of the District Health Management Team to speak on the matter, has proved futile.
The Finance officer who involved in this issue has been transferred from the DHMT, according to sources.
Many within the district have criticized the authorities at the DHMT for sweeping the issue under the carpet especially so when the New Direction Government is very much committed to fighting corruption.
They are calling for the investigation of the DHMT Finance Officer even when we are getting reports that she had paid the funds.
How are we even sure that she has paid? A senior citizen of Waterloo stated.
The Waterloo District Health Management has been criticized over the years for its ineffectiveness in tackling serious health issues confronting the district.
The DMO is hardly available to talk to the Press on happenings around her office.