September 28, 2022

In the run up to our recent elections, most citizens cried out for a God fearing leader all because such a leader would genuinely seek the interests of the country rather than the interests of himself and his cabal. It is a pity that just a couple of days into the new administration, reckless innuendoes and sarcasms are being uttered by certain sections of the community. They would rather have their own choice of a leader than the choice of God.

Under such circumstances there are great expectations even of a volte face such as those that were not fulfilled during the regime of former President Brigadier J.S. Momoh who admitted failure. This is an indisputable evidence, that a military background does not necessarily translate   into success in matters of state. We should however take solace in the knowledge that J.S. Momoh was handpicked by Dr.Siaka Stevens but that Julius Maada Bio did not have greatness thrust upon him. He archived it. Lack of discipline and law enforcement expected of J.S. Momoh constituted his Achilles heel which Brigadier Bio can convert into a success story. It is well known that there is a plentitude of laws in Sierra Leone but the problem is with their implementation and enforcement. In this regard, Thomas Jefferson was right when he said that “The execution of the laws is more important than the making of them.”

Senior citizens, who are not suffering from amnesia, would recall that during military regimes in this country there were disciplinary measures that ensured higher productivity and a reduction of corrupt practices. It would therefore be an indictment on Brigadier Bio if he fails to measure up to the military disciplines of the past as an elected Head of State.

It is a truism that laws can never be enforced unless fear supports them and in this regard the people have to be conditional to have a fear of penalties. Petty traders, teachers, civil servants, members of the police force and health workers, etc. can be reined in only if examples are set at the top.

During the National Reformation Council (NRC) when its leader Brigadier Juxton Smith used to visit government offices before 8:00am, there was little of no lateness or absence from duty.

Secretaries of State do not while away their time holding endless meetings. Appointments and promotions were based on meritocracy.

Though Maada Bioi has selected education as his flagship project, he could still emphasis on discipline without which free education, like the so called free medical care for pregnant women and under-fives, can never be fully attained. It may be a pipe dream.

An institution is the lengthened shadow of one person. Therefore we are for the next five years under the shadow of President Julius Maada Bio.

There should be no room for sycophants to say “he is not responsible. It is the responsibility of his government officials,” as they did in Ernest Koroma’s reign.

The new President should be aware of ingratiates who, by ingenuity and smooth talking, wriggle their way into his sphere of influence at the expense of those who had been sticking their necks out at the height of the APC show of invincible power.

As soldier by profession, he must not be oblivious of the fact that man must be disciplined, because he is by nature raw and wild according Philosopher Emmanuel Kant.