October 1, 2022

By Pat Kawa in Bo
Members of the local police in the Southern region of Bo have charged Bobson Kargbo of No 16 Sanpha Lane in Bo to court for various offences including impersonation.
The accused and fake lawyer, Bobson, met his ordeal when he surfaced on Tuesday last week at the Magistrate Court No. 1, Gbaima Road in Bo. He was charged on allegation of impersonation.
The accused had claimed that he was a Barrister of law until his arrest and subsequent prosecution. He is also charged to court with the offence of impersonation and other related offences such as conspiracy.
Assistant Superintendent of Police and crime officer Bo West Police Division informed the nightwatch that the alleged fake lawyer was flamboyantly dressed in white suit and approached presiding Magistrate Isata Sellu- Tucker and requested representation for one Sister Sillah, daughter of APC Bo District Chairman, Mr. Sheik Sillah, whose mobile was stolen and the matter was charged at Magistrate Court No.1 Gbaima Road in Bo.
Magistrate Isata Sellu–Tucker, according to Police, has asked for the so-called lawyer’s details, about his practice, including his chambers. These questions dumfounded him.
The Magistrate soon realized that the man could be an impersonator. She further encouraged the young man to follow her to her chambers where a battery of seasoned lawyers like Hon. Lawyer Ngevao, Lawyer Agrey Albert Aruna and Lawyer Cumber were all seated waiting for the magistrate to commence the day’s sitting.
The Crime Officer furthered that the lawyers thoroughly interrogated the fake lawyer. They asked him a number of questions relating to his education and practice. He replied that he attended Fouray Bay College and was residing at Thomson Hall. He said his admission number is 204.
This, according to the police sources, created doubts in the minds of the lawyers and the magistrate wasted no time to alert the Police. Journalists and other civil society organizations recalled that the said individual has been parading the streets of Bo as a lawyer
The accused was arrested and taken to the Bo West Division where he was investigated and immediately charged to court. The fake lawyer has made his first appearance at the Magistrate Court No.2, which is presided over by Magistrate Isata Sellu–Tucker.