September 28, 2022

By Ralph Sesay

Staff and Management of Bollore Group Sierra Leone, has on Thursday held a five KM marathon from the Freetown Terminal through Fourah Bay Road to Eastern Police via Kissy Road to Savage Square and back to the Freetown Terminal.

Country Manager, Bollore Group Sierra Leone, Fabjanko Kokan while giving an overview of the Marathon, disclosed that the Charity Marathon is held in 127 countries in the world where Bollore operates.

He further recounted that staff of Bollore across the world pay three Euros ahead of the Charity Marathon and that such funds go towards charity programs.

The entire marathon across the 127 countries, he continued, would raise over millions of Euros.

In Sierra Leone, he stated, funds raised by the group in Sierra Leone would go towards supporting the SOS Children’s Village in Sierra Leone.

He emphasized his clarion call to other business sectors in the country to come to the aid of the less privileged, especially the Deaf and Blind which also benefitted from Milla water tanks, food and non-food items as part of Bollore’s humanitarian gesture to the needy.

Madam Claurinda Morgan, Human Resources Manager, Bollore Group Sierra Leone stated that the event is organized for the fourth time consecutively to support vulnerable groups.

She recounted that members of the workforce feel fulfilled to donate towards a worthy cause.

Madam Morgan stated that this year’s donation to the schools for the blind and deaf is fulfilling for the company.

Darell Coker, Ambassador for the Marathon Day, gave an overview of the entire program and stated that over four hundred members of the Bollore Group workforce took part in the marathon.

The Marathon, he noted, will raise moneys that will go towards supporting the SOS Children’s Village.

On the aspect of safety and security for the workforce during the marathon, he noted that they have notified the Police to ensure that their people are safe and sound throughout the marathon.

The Group on Wednesday as part of events marking the marathon donated to the Milton Margai School for the Blind and the National School for the Deaf Milla water tanks to solve the perennial water situation in the two schools built some sixty-three years ago.

The donation had also solved the leaking roofs and food crisis that the authorities in the two schools are struggling with.

Board of Directors, parents and pupils from both schools applauded the company for the gesture especially the provision of water, and recounted that they have complemented the government which, they noted, is struggling with providing subvention and other support to the schools.