September 28, 2022

Choithram Memorial Hospital has on Tuesday disclosed to journalists that early in 2015, they collaborated with the British Society for Gastroenteronology in the training of three Sierra Leoneans doctors in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of several illnesses related to the upper parts of the human digestive system including the esophagus, stomach and beginning of the small intestine.
The Hospital has been able to provide a platform for the British Society to deploy Doctors from the United Kingdom headed by Dr. David Nylander, Consultant Eastroenterologist and Director of Endoscopy, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital to Choithram Hospital, leading to the training of three doctors that have succeeded in diagnosing and treating of patients related to various cancers.
Dr. David told journalists that the British Society for Gastroenteronology provided funds for traveling and hotels while Choitrham hospital provided the equipment and other logistical costs.
Journalists were also introduced to Mr. Thomas Nicolson who has survived as a result of the diagnostic facilities now available at Choithram Hospital.
He urged the Government of Sierra Leone to consider investing in an Endoscopy equipment which will enhance the training of more doctors across the country.
Representatives from Choitrham Hospital disclosed that they are now fully equipped to handle the diagnosis and prevention of cancers such as Colou Cancer and many others within the country thereby solving the constraint of people leaving the country for treatment overseas.