September 28, 2022


If the APC had won the last elections the fate of SLPP members would have been more imagined than described. The news has been broadcast by the SLBC that Port Loko became an enemy zone for SLPP during the last elections. SLPP supporters and members were not only beaten but some of their houses were burnt down all because of their choice of political party.

This should not be a surprise to all leaders who have been keenly following current affairs. In Port Loko there is a hero-worshiping of former President Ernest Koroma. He used to say that the former President was the best leader Sierra Leone has ever had ignoring Sir Milton Margai. His definition of best is a person who is steeped in corruption. This man is also known as Alhaji Abuja. From his looting of the state at the Ministry of Mines and during stints at State House he has houses in London. He aspired to be a flag bearer. Such a presidency should have seen Sierra Leone sliding “Tolongbo” into a one-party state. God forbid!

Dr Sylvia Blyden’s New Posturing

She is a crafty one. During the war she was alleged to have been flirting with members of the RUF. After the war she was again flirting with the SLPP. During that period she at one time depicted Ernest Koroma with a horn on his head as she had a confrontation with Arabella Foray over incidents in Kailahun. Perhaps with a view to stop her attacks on him the tactless Ernest Koroma had been appointing her to cabinet posts on and off.

Now she is finding a way to come back into the limelight. She is of the opinion that by attacking President Bio he will react in the same way like the simpleton Ernest Koroma and appoint her to some top government post. Incidentally she wrote an article recently praising Ernest Koroma so that such an imagined appointment may be easily approved by the APC majority in Parliament.

She has survived many accidents, including an air crash and has vowed to be President of Sierra Leone. She may well be but should be content to be in the Tolongbo wilderness for at least 15 years with time on her side. Congrats in advance to Prezo Sylvia Blyden.

Former First Lady Foul-mouthed

She was a lady well respected. But there is no armour against fate. Not even by several trips to Mali and India by anyone’s husband. It was a shock of monstrous proportions to hear on Morning Coffee yesterday morning that the former first lady uttered some unprintable words to Rado Yokie in connection with the recovery of government vehicles. She was expected to be a woman of high decorum. Even a loss of temper cannot cause a well-mannered person to utter obscene words. It is a wonder what she will be saying to people lesser than Rado as she goes into her tantrums. She should take it easy. She should see her pastor to heal her trauma.

Constituency Nos And Stupid Journalists   

In post independent Sierra Leone, constituencies were known only by locations and not by numbers. But as they multiplied it was necessary to number them. It was no crime. But it would appear that many journalists have not been using their commonsense over this issue. They just state constituency numbers not stating their locations. Are they assuming that the electorate would memorize all the numbers (more than one hundred) without their accompanying locations? A reputable newspaper, like Awoko, was guilty of this lapse. May commonsense prevail!