October 2, 2022

Entrails of SLPP Government To Be Exposed
There has been too much obscurity in the affairs of various governments; a syndrome that should be stopped in its tracks. There has not even been much transparency. Incidentally what has happened to our much-publicized Open Government Initiative (OGI)? Was it an APC outfit in disguise? Let us know!
To the delight of patriotic citizens the progressive SLPP government has taken yet another step in transparency by instituting a time for questioning ministers and members of Parliament. They would not like this but who cares about what they like and what the electors want that matters. Get that? The provision is for hidden transactions to be laid bare for all to see without the assistance of witches. Call it a witch hunt? It depends on your definition of witch hunt to mean hunting for your corrupt acquisitions.
The proposed question time for the public seems to take the wind out of the sails of Access to Information. We should give kudos to the devil SLPP for this laudable provision. When entrails are exposed nothing hidden can be left.
Oh Salone! There is a common idea that it is difficult for prices to come down when once they go up. But it has been done before and has been recently done with regard to fuel costs. The sad thing is that it has not been reflected significantly in transportation.
One of the reasons is that the coins to give back change to passengers are hardly available. And the reason for this is that as inflation occurred the one hundred Leones coin became obsolete. But calculations are still being done that necessitate their use. Is it meaningful? Either upon produce more of these coins or stop calculating transactions that involve hundred leones coins.

Decision of the Year 2018
It is none other than that of President Julius Maada Bio to institute life jail sentences for rape. May he take a similar decision for the death penalty. Amen.