September 28, 2022

City peep found it heartrending for a high court judge to levy a sentence of only ten years for a 42-year old man found guilty of penetrating a girl under the age of 18.This is in spite of the amendment of the Law on rape which should now be at least 15 years.
Before the amendment we had known of compromises especially from the parents or relatives due to poverty.But for the Judiciary to now be virtually colluding with perpetrators is unacceptable to say the least.City peep is inclined to think that the levity of the punishment may be due to political influences bent on sabotaging the government. In view of the fact that a new government cannot remove staff of the bureaucracy without collapse such personnel as are desirous of their parties returning to power can be guilty of such treasonous acts.
It would appear that the more penalties for rape the more rape cases are increasing inversely. It may be expedient to establish special courts for rape cases like it was done for industrial cases.That judge who was apparently sabotaging the government should be investigated.

It is not known whether it is swine flu but the fact is that over one thousand pigs have died of diseases causing millions of Leones of loss to poor pig rearers.The veterinary doctor said on radio that it is not harmful or poisonous to eat the dead pigs.But the snag in the advice of the doctor is that people are so poor and hungry that they could even eat dead dogs.If the pork of a dead pig cannot kill why advice the poor not to eat them?

What is Peter Z’s Nationality?
Lately Peter Z has been airing an intonation of a Lebanese and so CP has been wondering whether he is a black Lebanese or a pure bred Sierra Leonean?
The man is a hard worker and even works on Saturday when his lazy colleagues are relaxing.
Government should create more hygiene conditions and try to get more Sierra Leonean students interested in veterinary medicine.