September 28, 2022

By Alie Badara In Bo

Over 300 men and women of God in the southern capital of Bo have expressed their satisfaction with Resident Minister over President Bio’s ban on mosques and churches throughout Sierra Leone.

The President’s ban outlaws congregational worship in mosques and churches for a month. It is expected to end in August, 2 this year depending on the containment of COVID-1 and health experts’ advice.

The President’s ban came after COVID-19 ‘Third Wave’ also known as ‘Delta Variant’ was detected in the country over a month ago. Clad in their black suits, the clergy converged at the popular city roundabout, Clock Tower to show their frustration with the ban.  They call on the president to reconsider his action.

 “The President must take a critical look at his decision, give it a second thought and reverse the decision,” the men of God appealed.

President of Council Churches of Sierra Leone, Bo Chapter Reverend Jeremiah Nyakoh of Believers Assembly Church urged government to reverse the decision on behalf of the unanimous voices of his colleague clergy. Government, he said, did not consult the clergy prior to the ban.

“We, in this part of the country were not consulted as religious leaders to negotiate the way forward,” Reverend Jeremiah said.

Most of the clergy spoke with mixed feelings, but they had one thing in common: If Sierra Leone goes without congregational prayers, the country is heading for doom.

The clergy apparently do not want to be part of the plot to derail prayers in the country through their silence.

“We don’t want to be part of the ban, and therefore we are asking for a soft reverse of the decision on places of worship,” the clergy stressed their call.

Some members of the clergy reminded political authorities that Freetown by no means was Sierra Leone.

Bo and other places outside Freetown, they said, was equally important adding that the President have to consider such factor when taking such decisions.

“We have waited for too long to see what religious bodies in the nation’s capital will do but to no avail,” the men of God told this press.

 Failure of religious authorities in Freetown to act, they went on, prompted those in Bo town to engage political authorities especially Assistant Inspector-General (AIG) of Police and Bo DICOVERC (District COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre) for a reversal of decision.

 AIG South Edward Samadia appreciated the clergy’s effort for the peaceful approach they adopted in voicing out their concerns.

 AIG Samadia assured them that their messages would be transmitted to the appropriate authorities in Freetown.

 He also admonished the men and women of God to be ambassadors of peace. The Regional Police Commander also advised DICOVERC to exercise patience until the clergy’s appeals reach authorities in Freetown.