October 2, 2022

The program titled Concerned Citizens is one of the most popular ones on the SLBC in which freedom of speech finds its fullest expression. It is appropriate however that the presenters sometimes disallow personal attacks .But certain trends need to be countered by the same token of free expression.

One of these recently is that of a number of citizens who have been striving to get the setting up of Commissions of Enquiry abandoned.In local parlance they say ‘’e nor go born good pekin’’ ( meaning that it would have repercussions or a boomerang effect ) .But it is better to take steps to prevent a recurrence of corruption. In other words it is better to ‘’born bad pekin’’than no Pekin .

By the same token of cleansing the Augean stables ignorant callers should take note that former Heads of State of South Africa, South Korea,Brazil and Malaysia are being subject to commissions of Enquiry to give account of their stewardship.

It is easy to conclude that it is the beneficiaries of the past corrupt system that are in the forefront of advocacy to prevent accountability. As long as they had benefitted they are entertaining fears that their benefactors should not be probed but should go scot free and corruption continue regardless .

Instituting Commissions of Enquiry cannot be a new phenomenon in Sierra Leone .It was a Commission of Enquiry in the past that indicted former President Tejan Kabbah and confiscated his property which was later returned to him.Under the APC regime of Ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma there were Commissions of Enquiry on the Sababu Project and the Shears Moses Commission both of which ended up in smoke .

This medium and others have been calling for Commissions of Enquiry.Even the former voluble Presidential spokesman, Abdulia Bayraytay called for one. As a result we are hereby calling on President Bio to go ahead and set up the court for corruption so that some of the country’s assets can be retrieved and culprits punished accordingly. President Bio cannot afford to let hardened state criminals off the hook.