October 2, 2022

By Francis Moimina Koroma
Over the couple of months now, the U-17 female cricket team has been training immensely at the Prince of Wales School Cricket Ground, but in recent times through the advice of their coaches, they have now taken to the beach every first Saturday of every month to gain new experience.
The purpose of this adventure is to develop the mental toughness of the junior girls.
Joseph Pessima, who is the head coach for the girls, disclosed that together with Pagal Mansaray who is also a coach for the girls thought it fit to take the girls to the beach in order to give them new experience.
Coach Pessima extended profound thanks to the Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA) for the support they have been giving to them in a way of exposing the sport to the girls, and also commended the Kent Cricket Club (KCC) for its continual support in terms of equipment.
Explaining more on the adventure of the beach cricket, Coach Pessima said the first time they took this adventure it was difficult for the girls as they were unable to adapt at that time, but now they can play in a much better way as they can even bowl and bat, and this has been able to increase their pace in allowing them to improve gradually.
The motive in getting the girls together is to create the bond in them and, according to the Coach, they are building a team not only to be part of the national female cricket team but also a family with oneness ideology as they will understand and communicate to themselves better, and by doing this, they will play as a team instead of individually.