October 1, 2022

Africell Mobile Company and Mercury International have been lauded by the Media for their resounding support to the development of the Media in Sierra Leone over the years.
Most Radio Stations and Newspaper Managers who spoke to this medium recounted that the advertorial base in the country is very low and this is creating huge problems for sustaining the operations of radio stations and newspaper houses in the country.

Shadi Gerjawi, CEO of Africell Sierra Leone

The resounding support over the years by Mercury International and Africell Sierra Leone in terms of providing monthly payments and other forms of support to over 80% of Newspaper houses and Radio Stations in the country, has remained the only sustainable support to the media.
Many Newspaper houses and radio stations heavily rely on Mercury International and Africell as the only sources of permanent income to sustain their various mediums.
Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Public Enterprises in the country delay or hold on to payments for newspaper and radio advertisements and hence the tremendous support from Africell and Mercury International over the years has been very much critical to the development of the media.
The two entities have also been very supportive across the board be it in the entertainment, sports, humanitarian, CSR and other forms of benevolence.
They have steadily positioned their CSR towards supporting the aspirations and programs of the Government and people of Sierra Leone.
They have not only concerned themselves with making money or profits but also giving back to society.