October 1, 2022

The Head of Media and Communication of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Eric Batilo Fomba has told NightWatch Sport that he is very impressed with the cooperation of the sporting disciplines over the registration process.

The different sporting disciplines were requested to officially register with the National Sports Authority with the process has started since on July 1st with the deadline on 8th August, 2020 and there shall be no extension.

According to Fomba, the registration process is in lieu with the provision in the National Sports Authority Act, which is clear under section 36, sub section2, which stated that five months after the existence of the National Sports Authority Act, all sporting discipline which has been operating under the National Sports Council in Sierra Leone should seize all operation and officially register with the NSA, the act also stated that no body, institution or organization have the right to practice sports for or on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone without the permission of the NSA.

“The registration process has the mandate of the provision in the act of which the sporting disciplines are buying the forms. Fomba maintained “I am very impress with the cooperation of the various sporting disciplines”.

“The forms are available at Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones (Le 250, 000), the registration fee is Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 2.5m) and the yearly renewal is One Million Leones (Le 1m)”.

“After filling the forms it should be returned to the Secretariat where the Technical Committee shall verify it and gives recommendation, the registration fees payment will be made at the Bank. We have two categories of registrations; those who meet the 100% requirement will be registered as category A and those who fall below 100% requirement category B”.

“The NSA is here and our basic role is to ensure we regulate, we promote, we supervise and we monitor all sporting disciplines in the Country, these sports will bring good for the athletes, the managers, the officials and the coaches,” He stressed.