September 28, 2022

By Ragan M. Conteh
Hon. Khadijatu Davies who was removed from Parliament through a petition case in court, has told his constituents that, “I won the elections with resounding victory, I have worked and represented you well in the Well of Parliament for one year, I have all it takes as a woman to continue to represent you, I have an authentic certificate from the country’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) as the winner of 2018 elections, but today because of the political deception in Sierra Leone, I have been asked out of Parliament unconstitutionally. I have been totally disenfranchised,” she cried.
According to Hon. Khadijatu Davies, she belongs to a political party that embraces all Sierra Leoneans irrespective of one’s political, regional and tribal affiliations, adding that Sierra Leone is bigger than all Sierra Leoneans authorities.
According to her, she should desist from activities that would land our generations yet unborn into trouble.
Khadijatu Davies made these disclosures after her nomination at the Western Area Rural District of Waterloo on Thursday 27th June, 2019.
“I am a woman with all the required national character to become a Member of Parliament again, I hope the elections would be free, fair and credible; women have suffered so much bitterness in the hands politicians in recent times and I stand to ensure that such political marginalization be considered void in our civilized nation,” she said.
Khadijatu Davies said she believes in her constituents and her eligible voters, and appealed to the relevant International Community to protect her votes in the forthcoming election in August.
Dozens of supporters of Kadie Davies who witnessed her nomination in Waterloo expressed determination to repossess the seat with a resounding victory.