September 28, 2022

Chief Sam Sumana, the erudite Kono politician and former Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone under the All Peoples Congress ticket, is blazing the trail to State House come 2023.
His tactics and shrewdness has seen him leaving Kono-based party, the Coalition for Change (C4C) for the main opposition All Peoples Congress where he was welcomed with pump and pageantry.
Many within the ranks of the APC believe in his astute political skills to give President Bio a run for his money in the 2023 elections.
His movement from the C4C back to the APC had some huge support from the grassroots people of Kono who are always loyal to their kit and kin when it comes to elections.
The Songu Mbriwa and Abu Aiah Koroma scenarios are pointers to the fact that Kono will always remain in support of their kit and kin in any political contest.
These reasons including the many attributes and experience of Chief Sam Sumana coupled with the weight of the All Peoples Congress in the North West regions of the country and beyond are more than enough to achieve a victory for the APC.
The Koroma-led APC executive should be united and forward looking and make the right decision in electing Chief Sam Sumana to lead the APC to the polls in 2023 elections.
President Bio and the ruling SLPP are currently caught up in an economic crisis further worsened by the emergence of the deadly Corona Virus.
Many Sierra Leoneans are doubtful over the ability of the Government to turn things around. These factors will be further compounded with emerging internal wrangling in the party.
Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, unlike Dr Samura Kamara is what the APC now needs to take on the ‘New Direction’ government.
Chief Sam Sumana has all what it takes to make the Bio Presidency a one-term affair just like it occurred in Ghana.
Ernest Bai Koroma was quoted as saying during a crisis meeting talks at the APC Party headquarters just after the March, 2018 elections that he will do all his best to return the APC to power.
To follow up this statement, we have seen the former President making frantic effort to bring back Chief Sam Sumana to the APC despite what had transpired between the two men.
Former President Ernest Koroma was in Kono town during Chief Konomani’s burial ceremony to appease the Chiefs that himself and his brother, Chief Sam Sumana have buried the hatchet.
The welcome accorded Ernest Koroma as opposed to that of the sitting Vice President, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh who was also at the ceremony in Kono was phenomenal and had sent shocking waves of what impact the trio (Ernest and Sam) will do to take Kono come 2023.
This has undoubtedly worried the ‘New Direction’ Government who are always of the view that the former President’s current role in the politics of the country is a recipe for the current instability.
But, come on, the Olusegun Obansanjo, the Obama’s and many more are still very active and making significant contributions in all elections since they retired. What is different about Ernest Koroma?
The ‘New Direction’ Government, one would reckon, has also made key inroads in Kono by appointing prominent sons of soil to key cabinet and ambassadorial appointments despite the fact that the C4C is controlling both Parliament and the Koidu New Sembehun District Council.
The People of Kono are still waiting to see the turning of the sod for the first ECOWAS-funded University of Science and Technology pioneered by the Ernest Koroma government.
Apart from many other factors, Kono district is very much proud of the legacies of the APC in the form of roads, electricity, hospitals and other critical infrastructures which will be used to judge the development strides of the SLPP in Kono community.
Those critical infrastructures are the springboards from where Chief Sam Sumana and the All Peoples Congress would take off to capture Kono and beyond.
It is eagerly hoped that the National Advisory Council (NAC) of the All Peoples Congress would go for the fittest choice that devastate the ‘New Direction’ Government in the polls shortly.