October 1, 2022


Alusine Deen Sesay

A talented sport athlete who doubles as Youth Chairman for All People’s Congress (APC) party in Kenema district, eastern region of Sierra Leone, Alusine Deen Sesay’s life and members of his family are in serious danger.

According to a resident living in the same street with members of Alusine’s family who wants to remain anonymous, youths loyal to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) that won the March 31st Presidential runoff elections went on the rampage by unleashing mayhem against APC supporters in that district just after the results of the elections were announced and their presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio was announced as winner.

It was reported that APC supporters as well as sympathizers in Kenema, the traditional stronghold of the Sierra Leone Peoples party and other districts in the south-Eastern part of Sierra Leone suffered undue molestation at the hands of SLPP thugs who became outrageous and engaged themselves in reprisal attacks on perceived All Peoples Congress Supporters. They were severely beaten, tortured and some even killed, properties looted, houses and vehicles set ablaze.

Alusine Deen Sesay our source maintained was very active in propagating the agenda of APC since 2007 in a region that is the traditional stronghold of then Opposition SLPP that won the March elections. After results were announced for the first ballot that slightly pitched Julius Maada Bio ahead, he became a prime target for SLPP operatives.

His family members were also not speared, as SLPP thugs besieged their home and made their lives uncomfortable.

Matters became worse after the run-off elections were announced on April 4th, 2018 that automatically declares Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio as president of Sierra Leone .This gave marauding  SLPP thugs the license to beat up APC ministers, party executives and even judges were disgracefully molested as they were forcefully removed  their assigned government vehicles .

Prior to the recent election for Speaker of Parliament, many Sierra Leoneans have been left shell shocked as APC MPs elect were forcefully removed from the Well of Parliament by armed police officers on the orders of the newly elected clerk of parliament who was rejected party symbol for re-election into parliament by his constituents in the South of the Country.

It could be recalled that a hosts of northerners were chased out of the south-east region because they are accused of supporting APC and Alusine Deen Sesay, who played a pivotal role in championing APC’s agenda is also a prime target for the thugs.

The whereabouts of Alusine Deen Sesay and members of his family  remains a mystery.