September 28, 2022

Kent Cricket Club (KCC), over the weekend, secured two winnings in a row in the Men ODI Cricket Premier League at the Kingtom Oval.

KCC had a convincing 8 wickets win against Middleton Cricket Team on Saturday April 10th 2021 and it was an historic moment on Sunday 11th April 2021 as the encounter was a spectacular one, because it was the first time for Kent to win against Asian Lion.

Taking on the champions of the 2019 SLCA T20 Premier League was a very tough game, but the resilient fighting, showed by Kent, informs about the zest in the players in making Kent to win the match by 3 wickets.

Winning toss and opted to bat were the Asians Lion Cricket team. The raging bowling, from the Kent side, was able to reduce Asian to 180 runs in 30 Overs. Kent’s young left arm spinner, Raymond Coker, was very deadly as he took 5 marvellous wickets in 7 overs, added to it, Idrissa Bah as well used the ball to his advantage by taking 3 wickets and Georges Sesay sealed it with 2 wickets.

Replying to the score on the board, Kent’s opening pairs were very tough as they were able to hold the Asian off for 23 overs for the loss of one wicket. David Halloway was the team’s gem as his opening style of playing was very impressive; he scored 38 runs off 48 deliveries. George Sesay, the team’s anchor, went infinity and scored 40 runs off 53 deliveries. Ibrahim Sheik Kamara, the captain, was explosive in his batting as he scored 36 runs off 18 deliveries and as well Raymond Coker contributed 23 runs off 33 deliveries.

It was an exciting weekend for us.