October 1, 2022

Orange Sierra Leone, the country’s leading telecoms company has continued its spree of donations to mosques in Koidu and Kamakwie towns in Sierra Leone.
Masjid Iman in Koaquima community in Koidu in the far east and two central mosques in Kamakwie in the extreme north of Sierra Leone received the donations on behalf of their jamaats.
The donations which took place on Monday 18th May, 2020 is part of the company’s yearly Ramadan gesture to various community mosques across the country.
While handing over the consignments to the beneficiary mosques, head of Orange SL’s Corporate Responsibility, Achmed Mansaray told the Jamaats that the donations were meant to help them in the fasting period.
“Making donations during Ramadan is a fulfilment of a key pillar of Islam,” he said.
He assured beneficiaries that the company would continue its donations to lessen the impact of COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.

The donated items which include bags of rice, several bags of sugar, onions, milk, sugar and Jerry cans of cooking oil among others run into millions of Leones.
The donation is timely coming in a fasting period and COVID-19 restrictions.
The imams of the two mosques received the consignments on behalf of their jamaats.
They commended the telecoms company for the good will gesture.
“If I say I don’t expect the donations from Orange SL, it is the same as doubting the kindness of the company,” one of the imams said.
The two religious leaders assured Orange SL that the donated items would be shared justly among the Jamaat.
They prayed for the company to continue to prosper in the business world, and to continue to develop Sierra Leone.
The Company’s donations of food items to the two mosques is a continuation of a number of donations which began in Freetown.
The donation is not the first to be made by the telecoms company during a period of fasting. Orange SL has been making the donations every year to mosques across the country.
The donation is a fulfilment of a pledge earlier made by the company to the muslim community.
Few days back, Orange SL donated to the ILMU ZIKR mosque at Hill Station, West of Freetown. Besides, the company has also donated food items to a number of mosques in the nation’s capital.
Orange SL being a company that shows love, care and concern for its clientele is quite aware of the hardship they are faced with.
In the process of making the donations in a COVID-19 period, the donor has always advised communities to respect COVID-19 rules especially social distancing to break the chain of transmission.
The donations will not only stop at Koidu and Kamakwie towns, but will be taken to other parts of the country.
Orange SL is determined to see that all regions in the country benefit from the donations.
The telecoms company is also fighting hard to ensure that the COVID-19 is defeated so that business returns to normal.