September 28, 2022

By Donstance Koroma

Looking Town,one of the mountainous settlements in Kissy community is reportedly  deprived of basic social services that should be present in most communities .

Efforts over the years to ensure that the people have access to these social services such as pipe borne water, electricity have not yielded dividend.

Research conducted by this medium has revealed that  residents of Looking Town community have found it difficult to access the Kissy community hospital at odd hours because of the  bumpy road that are far from being motor able hence resulting to  several deaths.

The prevalent of teenage pregnancy in the Looking Town community is also very alarming largely attributed to long distances covered by School girls very late in the evening and at night to fetch water almost on a daily basis.

The Community also lacked a cemetery as the only available cemetery at Kissy Mess Mess is a distance away from the mountainous settlement. This is further excercebated  by  the fact the community has over the years developed into a cosmopolitan area which should have now have a cemetery of their own.

Facts are that the said community and its environs is prone to arm robbery, house breaking, Larceny among other crimes as the Police post in the said community stands incapacitated to confront the prevailing crime rate in the area which is largely populated with unemployed youths.

The Looking Town andSorie Town communities are both mountainous settlements  notorious as a den for criminals who are most times first time crime offenders in the Magistrate  and High courts respectively.


Report  have also stated that Upper Parsonage Street, Thompson street, First street and others bordering with the two mountainous settlements have constantly been  attacked by notorious and  disgruntled youths snatching bags, mobile phones and other valuable items of people rushing down the mountainous settlements in the early hours of the morning to catch  commercial transport .

Community residents are therefore calling on the police to intensify its patrol in the above communities which is increasingly used a den for criminals.