October 1, 2022

By Janet A. Sesay

Medical and General Insurance Company (MAGIC), an insurance company that gives licenses to vehicles, motorbikes, tricycles, on the 31st October 2020, was dragged to court by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) for owing over one hundred million Leones as contribution to the Trust for their workers.

According to the indictment, the defendant refused to pay contribution for its workers, which is against the NASSIT Act.

The  particulars indicate that the defendant, Medical and General Insurance Company, on diverse dates between August 2017 and December 2019, at No.17 Regent Road in Freetown, been an establishment and employee to the insurance company, failed to pay contributions for its workers.

When the charges were read, the representative from MAGIC, Alhaji Conteh, pleaded guilty.

Lawyer Tejan A. Jah, representing NASSIT, told the court that the defendant, MAGIC, owes the Trust one hundred and forty one million seven hundred and fifty two thousand, one hundred and thirty seven Leones and twelve cents.

After giving such figure, Alhaji Conteh told the court that MAGIC has paid sixty million four hundred and ten thousand Leones to the Trust and they intend paying the remaining sum within two weeks.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba then adjourned the matter to the 14th November 2020.