October 2, 2022

By Donstance Koroma
The District Health Sister, Karena District, Isatu Bosco Kamara, has reported suspected cases of measles at Dumbayah Village close to the Guinea-Sierra Leone border.
She said staff at the village Peripheral Health Unit (PHU) had reported to the District Health Management Team, Karena District, that there are over ten suspected cases of measles.
She continued that surveillance officers were dispatched to Dumbayah village to collect samples and commence treatment on those that have contracted the measles.
Sister Isatu Bosco Kamara also assured the locals of the district that they are in preparedness to deal with the Coronavirus in an event it raises its ugly head in the Karena District.
She stated that isolation centers have been erected with the correct Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) materials, Veronica buckets and soap for people entering the facilities.
Madam Kamara however raised concern over the road network, lack of telecommunication services and inadequate vehicle as challenges are seriously hindering their operations.
Ironically, views of indigenes in the Karena District with regards the district level of preparedness stands parallel with that of the District Health sister’s regarding coronavirus preparedness.
Jonathan Samura, who identified himself as concerned citizen of Karena district, said in an event the coronavirus enters Karena district, it will be very difficult to contain.
He pointed out that, as a district, they are incapacitated in the area of health delivery service, adding that there are numerous unmanned entry border crossing points.
Jonathan Samura emphasised that the habit of hand shaking in the district still remains very common in the daily lives of people in that district, while others embark on congregational prayers behind closed doors.
According to a student of the Kamakwie Wesleyan Senior Secondary School, Khadija Lewis, the district lacks a Government hospital and lacks enough security presence at most porous border crossing points.
She said the inadequate supply of Veronica buckets in the district, among other factors, is a pointer to the fact that, in an event the coronavirus enters the district, it will be very difficult to tackle.
She however lauded the Bio administration for closing borders and placing a ban on congregational prayers.
It could be recalled that Members of Parliament had earlier raised serious concerns over the many unmanned entry points in Kambia, Koinadugu, Kono, Pujehun and Kaliahun districts.
The lawmakers hold the view that those districts should not be treated with a pinch of salt as, according to them, extraordinary problems require extraordinary measures.