October 2, 2022

By Ragan M. Conteh

The Member of Parliament (MP) for constituency 123 in the Western Area Urban, Lihadi Alhadi has inspected the ongoing reconstruction of Amaraia Secondary School, Mountain Cut in Freetown.

Addressing school authorities, MP Lihadi Alhadi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the principal and staff of the school for their relentless effort teaching the nation’s future leaders.

He promised to work with councillor Area Best to see Rev Cooper and other key players in the Freetown City Council to ensure that they come to the aid of the school.

He said all the issues raised will be properly discussed, especially the completion of the school.

During the site inspection, the principal of Amaria Secondary School, Mr Kpakiwa expressed dissatisfaction with the delay of the work. He said the site engineer promised to complete and handover the school ‘before the beginning of second term of this academic year’, which is yet to happen.

He also said the school is being used by young people as a base for the consumption of recreational or illicit drugs.

He therefore asked the MP to help them remove the drug cartel from along the gutters of Hope and Fourth Streets.

In another development, Mr Alhadi paid a surprise visit to the Mount Zion Organisation where he presented jerseys to the organisation ‘as gift from the most dedicated and hardworking APC MP of Constituency 123’.

The constituency 123 MP thanked the executive of Mount Zion Organisation for bringing unity through social activities in the community. He said his support to the organisation will continue ‘as this is the only way to ease economic, social, family and political stress from young men and women’, adding that the org has a good platform for the community people to socialise, mobilise and interact among themselves.

Presenting the jerseys, the chairman of the organisation Mr Ibrahim said MP Lihadi Alhadi has been helpful to the organisation and highlighted ‘some of the great achievements he has made in just four years’.