September 28, 2022

The high table (L-R) Dr. Brima Kargbo, Dr. Alpha Wurie, Mr. David Banya

and Dr. Anthony Sandi


Showers of praises   were heap on the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandi for his administrative and professional track records within the rank and file of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation at the maiden meeting with staff of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation on Monday 5th June, 2018 at the Ministry‘s Head Quarters in Freetown.

Congratulating his Deputy, the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie described the new Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandy as a great success that would support him in achieving the Ministry’s desired goal.

Welcoming the new Deputy Minister, Dr. Alpha Wurie told Directors, Managers and Heads of Units that the ministry is huge and it is clear that the minister requires full support and is happy that Dr. Sandy has been appointed as the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation.

He disclosed that Dr. Sandy has 22 years’ experience and has worked as a District Medical Officer, Medical Superintendent, Director in the Human Resource for Health and has come back to serve in the district offices. He highlighted the inter changeable mood of people being in the ministry at some stage and going out and serve in the district or the region as a yard stick to make a lot of different to how they can improve themselves.

Dr. Alpha Wurie reiterated that he has never seen any ministry that have this caliber of professionals in one setting but yet still seen to be a delink between them and suggested that it will be good for the ministry to develop and do a retreat wherein they will be able to know each other and a clear cut presentation of each of the directorates and programmes to know what is happening in each other sector.

He said he was quite pleased by the intervention of Dr. Ansumana Sillah and the full pledge rallying of everybody in the ministry towards the environmental intervention during the cleaning exercise.

Congratulating the Deputy Minister, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo said as a ministry, their key responsibility is to ensure that they provide a functional service delivery to the people of Sierra Leone and can only do that if collectively they work together.

He said they alone in the Ministry cannot do it without the guidance and direction from the minister and deputy, and assured that if they are to succeed, they must work collectively as a team.

Responding, the new Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandi expressed appreciations to the Minister and senior officials of the Ministry for the warm reception accorded him and promise to work with them.

He said his second coming back home in the Ministry is like a prodigal son and appealed to them that the days of politics are over. He added that a lot of people might have on his toes while in the Ministry, and he might have step on the toes of many people, but admonished them to turn a new page and work as a team to achieve the organizational goal of the Ministry of Health.

The Permanent Secretary, Mr. David Banya said the New Deputy Minister, Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandi who has work hard to what has happen in the Ministry is as a result of the changes of the governance landscape in the country.