September 28, 2022

‘New Direction’ government is riddled with a lot of inconsistencies for which, while in opposition, was highly critical of then governing All People’s Congress.

President Bio’s almost three years’ rule has seen the sacking and recycling of individuals within his government for no reason of national interest.

Sierra Leone’s Constitution, the country’s supreme law, vests enormous powers on the President to hire and fire State officials.

It is however ridiculous to see sacked government officials in sensitive ministries.  Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Anthony Brewah was sacked when relationship  between him and Head of Local Government Service Commission turned sour regarding confusion over job functions.

Anthony Brewah is on record for failing to handle matters relating to chieftaincy elections and decentralisation process in local councils, a major cause for his dismissal by the President.

How will the old man convince the public that he would do much in a more sensitive Ministry?

The situation is also the same with the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party Chairman,  Dr Prince Harding who has  recycled by the President from Chairman of National Telecommunications Commission to Chairman, National Commission for Privatization.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dennis Vandy was also dismissed from the position of Secretary to President after leakages of official documents and later recycled into the Ministry of Food Security.

Does the President really care about the calibre of people he recycled into these sensitive state institutions?

The question seems simple, but very much crucial to national development and relationship with the donor community.

The likes of ‘Solution’ former Minister of Internal Affairs, Ndanema, former Minister of Justice, Ngor Margai might also likely be recycled into other positions before the five-year mandate of President Bio ends.

Resident Minister North, Abu Abu Koroma has also made his second coming to the same position after threats of killing his people.

Many see it is a bad precedent for a government that opposed the opposition, then in governance, for high spate of lawlessness and public disorders.

What the country is witnessing is far from the ‘New Direction’ that we were promised by President Bio.

The APC way of doing things is still very glaring.

Few days back, head of National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA), Minister of Transport and Coordinator of National Covid-19 Response Centre (NACOVERC) were at each other’s throat in respect of procurement of SUV vehicles by government.

The acrimony among the state officials was centred on whether or not the SUV vehicles were brand new or not.

The controversial purchase of these vehicles was criticised by frontline workers and many other Sierra Leoneans amidst the raging Corona Virus.

This issue has taken another step as the NACOVERC boss has clearly indicated that the vehicles are second-hand contrary to the position taken by the procurement regulator, NPPA that the vehicles are brand new.

Who do we follow on whether or not government is judiciously utilising tax payer’s money?

The report on the attempted break of the Country’s Central Correctional facility is now within public domain.

31 inmates, the report stated, were gunned down by security operatives on whose order the public is yet to know.

The number of fatalities is far much higher than what our vociferous Minister of Information had made us believe.

What next as the report had clearly exposed extrajudicial killings of dozens of inmates still waiting to be identified by their relatives?

The delayed report has adverse implications for Sierra Leone’s human rights.

Does government intend to conduct an inquest with a view to bring suspected killers to justice?

The answer to the above question is in the negative.

Where is Amnesty International? Where is Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law? Where is Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Initiative and many more?

These institutions are expected to hold government accountable, but they are silent on several human rights abuses.