October 1, 2022


By Janet Sesay

National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) has got a new Director General. The outgoing Director General on Thursday 7th June 2018 did officially hand over to the incumbent, Mohammed Fuad


During the handling over ceremony the chairperson Peter Jusu Kennan gave a brief background about the program and congratulated the incoming Director General.

He expressed hope that the team spirit will be sustained for NASSIT to deliver on its mandate.

He assured the new DG of cooperation among all staffers guided by a sense of duty to the country.

“Be rest assured that we are prepare to support your leadership in enhancing the good reputation we have fostered over the years,” Peter Kennan said to the incoming DG.

The Deputy Minister of Labour Mohammed Lansana Dumbuya said everybody knows the importance of the institution, saying “the hopes [poif millions peoples in the country is tied to NASSIT…”

He thanked the outgoing DG for sustaining the gains, noting that change is bound to be effected in every organization.

He used the occasion to inform NASSIT that he is ready to work with the new Director General to mutually complement each institutional mandates.

Mr.  Wright interim Board chair body at NASSITt said this is a special day for the institution, representing a peaceful transition of leadership.

He thanked the outgoing Director for steering the ship and told the incoming director that he is going to carry a very huge task because all Sierra Leonean are looking forward to NASSIT.

“It is one NASSIT, but the administration will be different from the outgoing Director General’s, he said.

He appealed to the workers to give the new DG the cooperation he deserves and said if the institution is strong everybody will be strong in the country.

He encouraged the institution to try to invest in the low-cost housing business for the ordinary workers who are paying their dues to the institution to benefit.

The outgoing Director General Jennings Wright said he is very happy for paving the way of a successful and peaceful handing over to the incoming director general.

He said when he took over the institution he told his workers that they have to go back to their pro poor process and work on them in which they succeeded.

He said NASSIT has tried to minimize risks in all kinds of investment. He said the most important thing that they did is social security by ensuring that pensioners are been paid every month and no month has passed without them paying their pensioners.

The incoming director general Mohammed Fuad Dabor also thanked the DG and appealed for concerted efforts among staffers in meeting their corporate obligations and serving the country judiciously.

He reassured the trustees that he will work with them from the depth of his heart and if they all work together they can move the institution to another level.