September 28, 2022

By Janet Sesay
A twenty-two year old commercial sex worker was yesterday sent to the high court for further trial by Magistrate Marke Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No. 2.
The accused stands trial on one count of Larceny from person contrary to law and the court details state that the accused person on Saturday 10th August 2019 at Afarma Night club, Ascension Town in Freetown stole from Fatama Bridgette Job one Techno mobile phone valued at two hundred and eighty thousand Leones (280,000).
Before committal Magistrate Marke Ngegba said the prosecution called four witnesses and he is satisfied that the accused person has a case to answer at the High Court.
The matter was therefore committed to the High Court for further trial and the accused person granted bail.