September 28, 2022

Njala University has, on Wednesday, 19th August, 2020 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sierra Leone’s leading GSM operator, Africell Sierra Leone, for the improvement of ICT Infrastructure and Communication services at the University to support teaching, learning and research.

Africell’s Chief Executive Officer, Shadi Gerjawi, committed his institution’s support to advancing the development of ICT services and infrastructure at various higher learning institutions in Sierra Leone, including Njala University.

He disclosed that Africell was happy to partner with Njala University just as they have done with other institutions. The focus, according to him, is to work towards addressing the inherent gaps in the country’s educational system, especially as it relates to producing students that would be readily valuable technologically to the modern day job market.

In the long term, the Africell CEO hinted that they would move towards supporting Njala University with short term courses to be delivered by reputable engineers across the globe, on the specifics of communication, such as network distribution, transmission and networking, etc.

The vision, he furthered, is to enhance the capacity of graduates from these higher institutions in order for them to be able to grapple with the dynamics of modern day communication.

The partnership between his institution and Njala University, he concluded, would strengthen the already existing ICT facilities at Njala University, which are remotely supporting teaching, learning and research; also providing students with increased data and voice services at a cheaper cost.

“What we are doing here today is not about promoting the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility but an enhanced commitment to supporting the educational advancement of the country,” the Africell CEO recounted.

Responding, Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal, Professor Osman Sankoh (Mallam O.) thanked the Almighty God for aligning his vision to see a highly technological University with the efforts of Africell Sierra Leone, who are providing Higher Educational institutions in the country with improved ICT infrastructure to aid teaching, learning and research.

He extolled the exuberance and commitment of his Director of ICT, Thomas Philip Songo, for tirelessly pursing the goal of having a permanent MOU with Africell Sierra Leone.

The Vice Chancellor and Principal lauded Africell Sierra Leone for supporting his institution to be able to produce students that are ready and valuable for the 21st century market, especially in the area of communication.

He assured Africell Sierra Leone, on behalf the University Administration, that Njala University will allow itself to be helped by providing the enabling environment for Africell Sierra Leone.

Malay O. further noted that the School of Technology at Njala University will be fully ready to receive the benefits of the MOU and work towards actualizing same for the benefits of staff and students.

The climax of the ceremony was the signing of the MOU by the Chief Executive Officer, Africell Sierra Leone, Shadi Gerjawi,  and the Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal, Professor Osman Sankoh, aka Mallam O.

Njala University was also ably represented by the Director of ICT, Mr. Thomas Philip Songu, Deputy Registrar, Henry Street Location, Mrs. Pearce and the Public Relations Officer, Ralph Simeon Sesay.