October 2, 2022

Hardship ,greed ,egocentric tendencies, selfishness and abject poverty among others things are the factors eating deep into the fabric of our sense of nationality and mutual love for one another in Sierra Leone today.
As a people ,we should encourage ourselves in order to put all these socio-economic factors behind us so as to think as one and have similar aims, objectives and a common target in the best interest of the Nation.
The only way we can develop as a country is to have a very strong in-nate tendency inculcated into us to always remember us that we have a Commitment to our country and our selves because there is nowhere in the world today we can proudly claim nationality without facing alienation.
The only home for us where we can enjoy freedom and affection is in our country called Sierra Leone.
Therefore, we should not allow the country to be buried deep into abyss of ignominy ,a situation where we shall lose our sound national and international credibility and reputation cherished gift which are now almost at stake because of the behavior of our brothers and sisters on the other side.
Much is expected from every Sierra Leonean, big or small towards development of this country but the so-called educated elite are always the problem in our society today.The uneducated or some time call illiterate have little or no say in the area of national development.
This had been displayed by many in the past today is the worse under the poapa led government.