October 1, 2022

A nasty plot to kill the Paramount Chief of Gbendembu Gowahun, PC Kandeh Bah Kia have been exposed.
This revelation was made known to journalist at the Gbendembu court barry in the presence other Paramount chiefs in the District such as Paramount Chief Dura of Safroko Limba Chiefdom and Salifu Kalawa of Biriwa Limba Chiefdom.
Alpha Conteh a herbalist at Mateboi, mile 4 confessed of how he was hired by one Musa Jalloh of Gbendembu to kill P.C. Kandeh.
The herbalist stated that, Musa Jalloh had alleged that the Chief took away from him acreages of land and also depriving him of becoming section Chief in the chiefdom and this has not gone down well with him.
He further disclosed of how he was kept by Musa Jalloh’s brothers Alpha Alie Jalloh an imam, Idrissa Jalloh ,Momodu Jalloh ,Ibrahim Jalloh ,Amadu Jalloh and Alhaji.
He added that all of these people were fully aware of the plot to kill Kandeh Ba bid.
Addressing the jam packed Court barray, PC Alimamy Dura stress that an attack on their colleague is an attack on all of them underscoring that all those behind the plot would be punish according to law.
He further asserted that, power comes from God and that what God has blessed let no man put asunder. P.C.Dura continued that it had not been for the rule of law the conspirators would not have live to tell their story. Chief Dura referred to Kandeh Ba Kia as a God fearing, kind focus and firm Paramount Chief who is dedicated to his people and he is the peoples choice.
P.C.Dura called on Musa Jalloh to seek redress in the court of law if he feels aggrieved.
Paramount Chief Salifu Kalawa 111 of Biriwa Limba Chiefdom condemned the unfortunate, unwarranted and unacceptable behaviuor of the alleged mercenaries and called on the people to support Kandeh Ba Kia affirming that Unity is strength.
P.C.Kalawa 111 noted that all those responsible will be brought to book as it is against the quaran and the Bible to kill someone .He pleaded with Kandeh Ba Kia to exercise restrain while awaiting the conclusion of the matter.
The young boy chief in Gbendembu Gowahun and various other chiefs called on PC. Kandeh to banish Musa Jalloh and his conspirators from Gbendembu Gowahun if not they will not be happy with him.
Paramount Chief Kandeh Ba Kia pleaded with the people not to take the law into their own hands and assured them that the rule of law will take it course.
PC Kandeh Bia asked why the conspirators should wants to kill him if he owns the disputed land. This is a clear indication that the said land does not belongs to him.
P.C. Kandeh told the hired killer that he has killed seven (7) people before to which the hired killer confessed.
P.C. Kandeh stated among other things that God is with him and nobody can kill him except Jehovah adding that the conspirators are just wasting their time.
’’Please think of how the chiefdom should progress instead of wanting to kill me’’stated Kandeh Ba Kia .
Police personnel attached at the Police Division provided full security in order to convey the hired killers so as to protect them from members of the public. The herbalist Association in Makeni, Kabala and Freetown has condemned the act of one of their own.
To be continued next week.