October 1, 2022

Police Headquarters in Freetown has released promotions confirming the promotions of Deputy Inspector General of Police Foday Umaru Daboh and 14 Assistant Inspector General’s of Police, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents of Police and Inspectors respectively.
Notable among those promoted are Regional Commander West Thomas Mustapha Lahai, Jorwulor Ansumana Gbonor Regional Commander North East, Ambrose Sovulla Regional Commander North West, Aiah Edward Samadia Assistant Inspector General of Police Human Resources and Mr. William Fayia Sellu,head of Presidential Security Guard State House respectively.
Graduates involved in the controversial 2017 recruitment squad were also promoted to Inspectors.
The promotions are criticized for lacking a national flavor as the Mende ethnic group and the male category carried the day.
In another engagement, the President and the First Lady had organized a cocktail dinner party at the Presidential lodge in Freetown for the senior cadre of the security forces including members of the Office of National Security. The gathering which is the first ever to bring members of the country’s security architecture together has been described as a novelty.