October 2, 2022

Avid readers and listeners would have known by now from the media that there is a looming war between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of evil triggered by the release of the Governance Transition Team Report. The situation was presaged by utterances of President Bio and the ACC Commissioner. They realize that it is not an easy role to uproot evil practices that have been entrenched for decades .It is indeed a Herculean task .It is like the war of the worlds.

What the officials of the past regime did not believe is that no condition is permanent. Most of them are still in a dream world as well they might. After all the ritual killings ,fetish practices and sacrifices they have not yet recovered from their reverie. The unexpected always happens and will always continue to happen until the end of time. We are aware of the fact that occultism has it limits otherwise Julius Maada Bio would not have been in power today. Even marine power (mammy water power )  could not hold sway over the Almighty God .

It is now a cliché that injustice was one of the main factors responsible for our 11-year war and it should never ever be allowed to rear up its ugly head again. One of the correctional measures of the war is employing judges whom the lust of money cannot buy. The evil ones are campaigning through the media that there should be no investigation dubbing it a witch  hunt though no one has confessed to be a witch. The Bible states that witches should not be allowed to live. The APC officials concerned pretend to be oblivious of the injustices  that were meted out to their own Vice-President and the unseating most unjustly of SLPP members of Parliament in the Eastern Province .

The fall from grace to grass can be a very unenviable situation .This is what has befallen the APC. The natural tendency is for human beings to rise from grass  to grace. The Bio government is pitted against the spirit of resistance which is always kept alive under such circumstances.

As a true Christian President Bio believes in the statement  of Jesus Christ that ‘’My Kingship is not  of this world‘’ John 18:36 and as a result it is now a war between the two kingdoms which cannot be won by the evil Kingdom as was evidenced during the last elections intrigues and demonic manoeuverings.

‘’ And I said to them ,I saw Satan fall like lightening from heavens ,Behold I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions ,and over all the power of the enemy ; and nothing shall hurt you’’ John 10: 18-19.

Like the authority that was given to the seventy President Bio will certainly tread over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt him.