March 25, 2023

By Janet A. Sesay

Former President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, who was also the former chairman and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) party, in his statement made at the party’s National Delegates’ Conference, said on June 24, 2023, Sierra Leone is going to have a new government and that new government is going to be under the ticket of the APC leadership.

He urged the party’s members and supporters not to be discouraged as a result of the various setbacks that had taken place, but assured that they served as motivations for a turnaround of the party to clinch victory come June 24.

He added that court cases for the party are not a new phenomenon, adding that prior to his coming into governance as the President of Sierra Leone he had thirteen (13) court cases but was still victorious.

The former president continued that the people of Sierra Leone are proud of the APC party for its unmatched development in the country.

He added also that he is now happy that the people of Sierra Leone can now compare and contrast between the two governments in terms of development in the country.

Dr Koroma said before he left power Sierra Leone was the most peaceful country in West Africa and was ranked third in Africa.

He called on party members to consolidate peace within them so that they can consolidate peace nationally in the country, adding that peace brings development to a country.

He furthered that the APC party is a party for all and sundry and not just for a few members, adding that everyone is needed and important in the party and encouraged all to be on board to change for good.

He said both the APC party and the country at large need to be unified as the youth are now taking centre stage and they need to learn from the elders of the party to give them more experience.