October 2, 2022

It is no secret that work at SLRSA has been thrown into turmoil by the indecision on the part of  the new government, to either reinstate Dr. Sarah Bendu or to appoint a new Director to mann the affairs of the Authority.

This state of affairs has created unease at the precincts of the Authority as staff members are highly divided with pro and anti supporters of the erstwhile Director.

While it goes without saying that work at the Authority has also been seriously affected, Board members of the SLRSA, appointed by the previous administration, are coming under serious criticisms from sections of the press, mainly orchestrated by the erstwhile Director and her cohorts just to paint them in a bad light to the new administration for refusing to obey fake orders to bring her back to the Authority.

Whatever pressure the Board of SLRSA is coming under, including threats for them to be dissolved hurriedly just to get Dr. Sarah Bendu back should be carefully looked at with the current Minister who should be in a position to advice the President accordingly. He should be able to listen to Board members, Ministry officials and the erstwhile Director herself and take a decision that would be acclaimed by all and sundry.

Mr. Minister, your first test in this ministry would largely depend on the action you take on this issue. We are closely following you on this. You should not bow on pressure coming to you from OBBA, the press and other big guns of the party. President Bio is a man of principles and would just go for what is in the interest of Sierra Leone.

SLRSA Board members and officials of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation have been constantly asking for probity into the activities of Dr. Sarah Bendu amidst very questionable Audit reports roping the Authority of not following procurement procedures in awarding huge contracts, failure to pay on time NASSIT contributions and withholding taxes, writing-off properties of the Authority without getting the Board’s approval as protocols demand, etc.