October 1, 2022

A source in the Asian country of Lebanon has told this medium that President Julius Maada Bio is safe and sound as he takes a rest from his official duties. President Julius Maada Bio, the source says, returns home this week to continue his service to the people of Sierra Leone.

Communication with the Lebanese source shows that President Maada Bio is hale and hearty and that he is determined to serve the people of Sierra Leone.

The source further confirms that President Bio is in Lebanon on a private visit and not on health checks as claimed by many Sierra Leoneans.

The President only takes a short rest in Lebanon after a break from his work.

The latest information about the President runs contrary to information on social and conventional media platforms that the President is in a critical health condition.

It is also hoped that it would put to rest speculations about the President’s health.

In a related development, a press conference held the previous Tuesday at the Ministry of Information and Communication, Minister Rado Swarray told the press that the President’s visit had nothing to do with his health

“President Julius Maada Bio is in a Lebanon on a private visit,” the Minister says.

The Minister reminded the press that the President is entitled to his private life, a right that must be recognised and respected.

“Let us respect the private life of the President,” the Minister appealed.

Minister Rado Swarray made the statement while responding to questions from the press about the President’s health.

Speculations and comments on the President’s health is not the first since President Bio came to power two years ago.

Sometime last year, similar speculations flared up with media hypes about the President’s health when he went out of the country on a private visit.

Rumour and misinformation was peddled about President Maada Bio’s Health indicating that the President was in bad form.

The misinformation at that time was viral and it was only permanently put to rest when the President returned home in sound health and continued his Presidential duties.