October 1, 2022

Professor Arthur Abraham, PRO Chancellor of Njala University, has spurred the academic and administrative staff of the University to work collectively to reposition Njala University to take its rightful place in the Agricultural transformation of the country.
The Professor Emeritus made this call at the start of a three day working visit to Njala Campus on Tuesday 2nd June, 2020.
Foreign companies, according to him, have over the years infiltrated the country; opened up Agricultural companies using the human resource provided by Njala University.
These companies, he went on, have left the country with huge resources at the expense of the country and Njala University.
Professor Abraham called for the University to work together to establish Agricultural Business Enterprises in order to be able to tap into available resources from both government and the private sector.
The renowned historian and academic noted that he would be increasingly interfacing with the University with a view to have firsthand experience on the burning issues affecting the University rather than waiting to hear them only when they get to the University Court.
He entreated staff members of the School of Agriculture and Food Science to design courses and programs that would produce entrepreneurs and Agri-business specialists who would in turn provide jobs and contribute immensely to the Agricultural transformation of the country.
The PRO Chancellor later toured the entire facilities of the School of Agriculture and Food Science and was shown firsthand what was available in terms of infrastructure, laboratories and other facilities to aid teaching, learning and research.
The Dean of the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Dr. Abdulrahman Sesay, earlier on heartily welcomed the PRO Chancellor to his school on behalf of the Board and later introduced his staff members and the structure of the School.
The PRO Chancellor was later taken on a conducted tour of the School, which formerly housed the National Agriculture Training Center (NATC), its laboratory facilities, demonstration sites, Green house facilities, goats, cows and pig rearing structures.
Dr. Sesay and his staff highlighted the several constraints facing the School, which they said included lack of sustainable water and electricity and water to facilitate laboratory experiments, security, encroachment and lack of modern equipment to aid teaching, learning and research.
The PRO Chancellor also inspected the facilities at the electricity powerhouse, where he was briefed on the power generation and supply situation.
Superintendent Belmoh reported to the PRO Chancellor that all four generator machines, belonging to the University, were down due to major faults.
He said the University relied on a 500 KVA generator, which he said is challenged in terms of providing adequate electricity when the University had full campus sessions. He also reported about the faulty status of another German 500 KVA machine generator and moves taken by the Director of Plant Services some few years ago to get it repaired, but that lack of finances had affected such maintenance.
The PRO Chancellor, while responding, recommended for a rationing of the power by 50% to be able to generate resources to repair the German 500 KVA machine which, according to him, would provide sustainable electricity to the University.
The PRO Chancellor was also briefed on the deplorable state of the transmission lines across the campus and their potential hazard on the workforce.
Professor Abraham recommended that the administration consider generating a report for the attention of the Electricity and Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) with a view to address the problem.
The PRO Chancellor is expected to continue his tour of more schools and other facilities in the next two days.