October 1, 2022

The Managing Director of Sierra Leone’s 100% owned mobile company has in an exclusive interview with this medium espoused on the new strategic interventions his administration is embarking on to revitalize and position the mobile network to be able to effectively compete with the other GSM companies and also provide efficient services for the people of Sierra Leone.
Mr. Senessie Kallon who took over the reins of Management at SIERRATEL noted that he is diversifying business portfolios at the company to include enterprise communications and also managing services for corporate small, medium size enterprises and Fiber to home (FTTH)
The Sierratel Managing Director also spoke on reduction of operational cost in line with the New Direction Government’s fiscal discipline.
The overall drive, he added, is to use hybrid energy sources to power the network equipment of the institution.
Mr. Kallon cited the identification, encouragement and rewarding of talented and hard working staffs at the institution.
Staff motivation for him is at center of the new management’s priorities and that efforts are currently underway to fuse a synergy between team members of the three major departments of the company.
Part of the overall plan, according to Mr. Kallon, is to enhance the strong Sierratel brand by face-lifting the physical appearance of all major facilities (real estate) of the company and above all rapidly reduce the institutions inherited operational debt of $2.5 million.
Mr.Kallon also revealed plans by his administration to open the Eastern Business Corridor/Hub at the Kenema Plaza.
The young and dynamic Managing Director inherited a weak management structure at Sierratel wherein the institution could not effectively compete with the foreign GSM companies in terms of providing the much needed services.
The Technical Audit Report conducted by the new government identified a number of anomalies at the institution while also making key recommendations for the reform, rebranding and repositioning of the sector in line with the vision of the President.