September 28, 2022

The Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces is set to turnout a total female contingent comprising of 332 females from their initial first phase training on the 11th June,2019.

The all contingent comprising of 62 cadets officers and 270 recruits started their first phase training at the Benguema Training center outside Freetown in March this year, after having fully completed all the enlistment processes. The Government of Sierra Leone, the International Security and Advisory Team (ISAT) and the Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces conducted the process and an initial 2,968 number of female personnel were recruited but four dropped out due to medical failure.

Military authorities say this all out female recruitment process taking place after forty years since the military undertook such an all-female recruitment. Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen Brima Sesay says the recruitment is in fulfillment of the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations requirement of the 30% quota and also the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations.

The cadet contingent, the army says, largely comprises of engineers, doctors, lawyers and other skilled personnel. The RSLAF last conducted a female recruitment in 1978/79 respectively in which a total of 74 and 64 females were recruited respectively. There are no reported deaths or causalities so far, the Military says.

The Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces has recently been taking part in military aid to development operations, jointly working with the Freetown City Council in cleaning major drainages and gutters in flood prone areas in the country.

They have also jointly collaborated with the Roads and Safety Authority to clear Lumley of all traders and this has provided a very clear scene for the free flow of traffic in the area.