October 2, 2022

By nightwatch priest
The recent historic meeting of Catholic priest has come and gone with thick fumes of smoke still smoldering in its wake.
The early Church eased into the Roman Catholic Church on the basis of Mathew 6:18-19 that states ‘’And I tell you,you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth shall be loosed in heaven’’ St Cyprian wrote that primacy is given to Peter that it may be shown that the church is one and the sea of Christ is one.
Since Peter’s reign a number of Popes have been in power down through the ages up until now.During this period a lot of things have happened that may not be in accordance with the doctrines of the Holy scriptures. Other events happened that were also crusades ,claims of infallibility ,persecutions and on inquisition ,among other things.
As the original Christian Church as it were, Catholicism has the most elegant worship. What with incense pictures, statutes, shrines, relics ,confession and absolution –there is something sensible to grasp at. Besides it leaves no possibility of doubt for those who follow their diety,really and truly in transubstantiation can hardly find anything else.
The practice of celibacy by the Catholic Church flies in the face of biblical doctrines .Lorenzo Dow in his reflections on Matrimony observed ‘’The church of Rome have an idea that the Pope is Sp Peters successor and that the clergy ought not to marry.But let me ask: If it was lawful for St Peter to have a wife, why not for another priest or preacher to have one ? A biblical reference to this issue may be read in Matthew 8: 14 that states ‘’And when Jesus entered Peters house ,he saw his mother –in –law lying sick with a fever’’ John Calvin ,the propounder of Calvinism , in his institutes of the Christian Religion wrote : ‘’The interdiction of marriage to priests was an act of impious tyranny ,not only contrary to the word of God ,but at war with every principle of justice’’.It is therefore a pity that sex,one of the most violent instincts of man next to hunger can be artificially suppressed by the Catholic Church.More is the pity that monasteries and nunneries that are virtually brothers are established by the Catholic Church.
Sexual maladjustment cannot be cured by creating residential institutions for their furtherance.They should be abolished and replaced by day classes.The mischief of these aberrant priests is not only confined to their seminaries but are extended into the unsuspecting public even outside their memebership.That way it is now no news that several Catholic priest have been fathering children out of the wives of their flock and other sheep which are not their flocks including Muslim and pagan women.The priests do not care a damn about what their members think about their disgraceful behaviuor .
And talking about sin the Catholic are theologically educated enough to know that pedophiles enough is not the worst of sins.It is not even among the deadly sins but why the deception and mischief to the public at large? Isaiah 9:16 states ‘’for those who lead this people lead them astray , and those who are led by them are swallowed up to quit.Child abuse is not only a sin but a crime and Pope Francis should be commended for taking the bull by the horns.