October 2, 2022

A youth in Sierra Leone identified as Steven Kanu has been declared wanted in Allen-town, east of the capital, Freetown largely due to the fact that he has been identified as gay. Steven Kanu who is reportedly in his early twenties has long been identified as a gay within the Allen Town community far east of the capital, Freetown.

The issue of being gay is a taboo in many cultures across Sierra Leone and there is no law that supports the practice even though people such as the aged and the youths in schools and colleges are secretly practicing gay.

Kanu ran out of luck and according to reports, on the 14th of February, 2016 when together with his gay partner, they were chased away from a Guest House in Allen Town where they went to spend good time.

The attack on the two, according to our reporter, was as a result of very long surveillance on Kanu and that most of his gay partners were monitored by local authorities of the area including the counselor who were all opposed to this practice as it is against their religious as well as traditional beliefs of residents in those communities.

Kadiatu Koroma

The attack on the two gay suspects left Steven Kanu badly wounded even though he later managed to escape from the mob. His accomplice was also badly beaten to the point that he died before the local police could come to his rescue.

The whole community went haywire and there was a desperate search for Kanu who was also going to be killed if ever he was discovered. Sources maintained that Kanu’s father became very furious and had wanted him dead when he discovered about such ugly act by his son.

Kanu’s mother Kadiatu Koroma had contrary view during that difficult moment, as such facilitated her son’s escape, because she did not wanting to see him lynched to death through mob justice. The whereabouts of Kanu is not known but there are indications that he could have fled out of the country.

Quite recently we also learnt that, in the same community two youths were also caught in the same gay acts and this called for fresh attacks on Steven’s mother. The old woman has been placed under severe trauma, as she stands accused of letting her son escape to an unknown location.

The community had stated that Steven has left a very bad precedent for the youths in that community. They have rained fresh abuses and insults on Steven’s mother attacking her by the day and hour.

They want Steven’s mother to produce him dead or alive as a way to avenge the death of their son. The community people including the religious Muslim and Christian sects are also angry that Steven Kanu has breached their customs and traditions.

He is a wanted man here in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone and any attempt to return home will be met by very strong reactions that would tantamount to death.