October 1, 2022

By John Samura

A young Sierra Leonean, Elvis Alusine Bendu from Kamakwie, Northern Sierra Leone, is currently hunted by villagers of Rogban village, Kamakwie,   with regards an incident that occurred on 22nd August, 2019 at Rogban village.

Our reporter in the area stated that Amadu Koroma, a 16 year-old boy, a casual worker at a timber processing and transportation firm owned by Alusine Bendu met his death when a very heavy log fell on him at the firm in August, 2019 while a group of workers were loading timber logs into a truck.

L-R Elvis Alusine Bendu and other workers at the Timber Processing and Transportation Firm in Northern Sierra Leone

Reports continued that this unfortunate incident was followed by series of arrests by the Police of all the individuals that were working at the firm when the incident occurred.

Alusine Bendu was among those arrested and detained by the police for further questioning and investigation around the death of the 16 year-old boy.

Alusine was later released by the Police in Kamakwie after investigations had proved that the incident was an accident and hence nobody was directly responsible for the death of 16 year-old Amadu Koroma.

The Deceased Amadu Koroma at a Private hospital in Sierra Leone waiting for an autopsy examination on his remains

The release of Alusine Bendu by the Police sparked an uprising between family members of the 16 year-old boy. They were bent on retaliating the death of their son.

Attempt by the Sierra Leone Police to intervene and explain to the family members that Alusine was in no way responsible for their son’s death proved futile.

The Police had to whisk him off from the area for protective custody.

He was later escorted out of Kamakwie to settle in another area in Sierra Leone.

Alusine was later advised to leave Sierra Leone since he was quite apprehensive that one day he would meet Amadu Koroma’s parents who are very much determined to kill him in retaliation for their son.

The Timber Processing Area at Rogban Village where the deceased met his untimely death

Reports from the area further states that the relatives of Alusine Bendu known by the families of the deceased are under immense pressure for the demise of the boy and they are constantly been blamed for hiding Alusine.

The whereabouts of Alusine Bendu still remains a misery within and around Kamakwie and its surroundings.

There are always tensions between the two families whenever the demise of the young boy comes into mind.

They have vowed that they will one day revenge the death of their son wherever they meet face to face with Alusine Bendu.