October 2, 2022

By Barrie Alpha

As part of its development program, the Sierra Leone Cricket Association is embarking on ‘the Growth Road Map 2021’ beyond schools and communities.

The Rural Education Committee (REC, Jui Lower Primary School Cricket Coaching Clinic, headed by the cricket grassroots coach, Alie John Kamara, organized their 1st Color Day Cricket activity program on Thursday March 25th 2021 at their School compound. The program was organized as a way of giving opportunity to young talented cricket lovers to play cricket irrespective of their economic, social or physical background. And bring the game as part of their normal school activities.

Madam Cordelia Sannah, Head teacher, REC Jui Lower Primary School, expressed her unending joy in seeing the pupils playing cricket in her school. She also stated that she loves and respects the game of cricket for its gentle and peaceful nature, as she came from a community where cricket is part of their daily routine.

Nasire Sumah, a teacher and member of the School’s Sport Committee, commended the Sierra Leone Cricket Association for bringing cricket in their school and also for donating cricket playing kits to the school.

Fatmata K. Kamara, also a senior teacher and member of the School’s Sport Committee, said that the introduction of cricket, in the School, has benefited it in so many ways.

She further explained that, before now, most of their pupils will always be absent on Thursdays and Fridays, and it was becoming habitual for these kids, but since the development of cricket, in their school, they are always at school and on time.

She also advised the Sierra Leone Cricket Association to develop cricket in other schools, as a lot of schools are waiting for this great opportunity.