October 2, 2022

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) Membership Forum, in a press release, noted with shock the disturbing news about the Coronavirus positive cases of our national player and two officials who went on national duty to represent Sierra Leone in the recent friendly matches the country was engaged in against Mauritania and Niger, respectively.

The Membership sends their sincere prayers of a speedy recovery to the three COVID-19 affected persons within the delegation.

“In exercise of national duty, the three contracted this highly contagious virus, which has killed thousands, hospitalized millions around the world, and put the world on its toes. It is our prayer that you all get better soon and return home well and kicking,” a senior football stakeholder stated.

“Despite this predicament, befalling our compatriots, the membership sees the release, from the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), as a mockery with regards the following: “We see the release from the FA as a complete breach of medical protocol and privacy for the naming of the individuals within the delegation who contracted the virus. We also believe that the action of the FA is seen as a clear celebration of unfortunate news to the football family; and the action of the FA will bring stigma to the said individuals and their families” the membership stressed.

“The SLFA, through their means of writing a “Breaking News” to an unwanted situation befalling our countrymen, is seen as agitating anxiety to stall the electioneering process demanded by the membership.

“We (Membership Forum) are not oblivious of the current situation of those affected by this global pandemic, but want the SLFA not to use situations like these to hold onto power at the expense of the greater majority.”

“Finally, we condemn the FA for the breach of protocol and the naming of individuals; a situation that may cause them stigma in their communities”.